What now? Freedom.

Turns out having a blog is harder than I thought. I told myself I would write something every day, to keep myself occupied, but mostly to figure things out. But what if I don’t find something awesome to say every single day?
All right, I may be pushing it a little because, well, this is litterally my very first post. I have a few things in store I’d like to say. I guess I just want to be really good at this. You know what? I’ll just try being myself, see how that goes.

Being Yourself. Now ain’t that a luxury most people don’t even let themselves have? Which is dumb, really, because you only get one life, one shot at doing your own thing. I know what you’re gonna think now, that I’m one of those cheesy people who “seize the day” and don’t give a rat’s derriere what other people think. I’m not. But I wish I were.
I don’t seize the day, I’m not confident, I care way too much about what others think, I don’t enjoy life nearly as much as I should. I take life for granted. And that’s terrible! I know I’m not the only one, which makes it even worse. How much time do we waste on petty problems or superficial ideas? How much energy do we spend trying to fit in and be accepted by society? I get that there are certain compromises you have to make in life, but does that have to mean you have to settle for something that’s not right for you? Well, for a long time, that’s what I did. I’m still doing it, technically, but I’m on my way to getting out of that harsh reality. It’s one of the reasons I have decided to create this blog. That’s why I’m gonna try to write every day. This blog is, hopefully, going to help me figure out how to be myself and just be okay with it. Because seriously, I’ve had enough of pretending. I know I’m not the only one. If there’s anyone reading this and feeling the same, well, goddammit we need our freedom! And being ourselves, that’s true freedom– freedom of the mind.

Now I’ve got a whole lot of quotes about freedom, but here’s one that truly illustrates this post: “Figuring things out for yourself is practically the only freedom anyone really has nowadays.” (Starships Troopers)

Okay, this was the first step of a big, very big staircase. I’m gonna pretend that there’s lava and fire and knives and scary clowns behind me so I can’t go back. I will not go back. Lock and load.




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