Odd name, I’ll give you that. Don’t worry, it’s not my real name. It was given to me by my hilarious cousin when I was a kid. Technically, it’s supposed to be a “stage name”, and she had one too: Gigi La Star. Isn’t childhood wonderful?
Anyway, I chose that name for this blog for several reasons. First, it represents my childhood, which is the world of creativity, imagination, and innocence, and where all your dreams totally seem reachable. Second, it represents my obsession (I’m not afraid to say it) of show business. Anything that touches cinema, music, series, Broadway or Hollywood fascinates me. This should give you a clue about what a lot of my articles will be about. And third, it’s international. I love traveling, discovering the world and just… seing what’s out there. That name my cousin chose sounds like I could be from lots of different places (or at least that’s how I see it).
All these things make my ideal world.

So, to put some clarity in all that nonsense only I can understand, I am creating this blog so I can try to give any soul who will read me, a certain perspective on the world that is, hopefully, a little different. I like to hold on to imagination and art to see the world as an indefinite source of possibilities, rather than a place of limits we too often think are unsurpassable.

As delusional as it might make me sound, I prefer to consider that there isn’t only one “right way” to go through life. We all live on the same planet, but certainly not in the same worlds, and it is time for me, and probably a lot of others, to reject pre-conceived ideas and think for ourselves, not through others.

So. Strangers, tonight I raise my glass to infinity… and beyond. (That’s right, I chose Toy Story for my first inspirational movie quote. And I’m so proud.)

Oh, by the way, I forgot to say hello.
So hello, and welcome to the worlds of Filiashipper.




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